Tutorial – How to remove the cookie pop-up from your web page media


Removing cookie pop-up notifications from your web page media can significantly enhance user experience.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this seamlessly with Yodeck.

  1. Go to your web page media in the app.
  2. Click the media to edit 
  3. Enable the “Run Custom Script” toggle.
  4. In the text field, paste the following lines.
  5. In a new incognito Chrome window, open the URL of your web page.
  6. In the cookie pop-up that will appear, right-click on the “Accept Cookies” button and select Inspect. (Check the image attached below)
  7. Then right-click on the highlighted line of code on your right that corresponds to the “Accept cookies” button and select Copy->Copy Selector. (Check the image attached below)
  8. Remove the SELECTOR text in the app, and paste the selector you just copied from your web page.
  9. Save the web page’s form and Push to Screens


Step 6: Right-click on the “Accept all cookies” button
Step 7: Copy the selector of the button

Webpage: google.com

click("""#L2AGLb > div""")

Webpage: Dutch railways (ns.nl)


Webpage: looker.com

click("""#glue-cookie-notification-bar-1 > button""")

Webpage: windy.com

click("""#plugin-consent > section > div:nth-child(4)""")