Audit Log

The Audit Log shows you which of your users are currently logged in to your account (or have logged in in the past) as well as what actions were taken by these users. It shows details such as: what time users logged in, which media were edited, created, deleted, etc., and a lot more information about your account.

Retention Period

The Audit Logs are available on your account for 90 days. When this period of time passes, the Audit Logs get deleted from our Server and therefore from your account too.

You can, of course, download the Audit Logs locally on your PC, if you would like to keep them. Just follow the steps as shown below.

Below you see a full Audit Log report. You can search for a specific date and time, search for any content just by typing its name, and also sort all columns for easy categorization.

  • Time: When exactly (date & time) the action took place
  • Session: The IP and the Session code of the activity
  • Workspace: Indicates the workspace that the actions took place
  • User: Who performed the action
  • Section: In which section the action took place
  • Name: The name of the object that has been changed
  • Action: What action has been made

Audit Logs

You can view the Audit logs here and search the log of your preference.

Audit logs

Log Files

You can also download the Audit Logs, just by clicking the Log Files tab and then clicking the ” Download ” button.

Audit logs download