How to configure SSO with OneLogin

Configuring One Login SAML for Yodeck

This topic describes how to configure OneLogin to provide SSO for Yodeck using SAML.

  1. Log into OneLogin as an admin and go to Apps > Add Apps .
  2. At the top right click ADD APP and then search for Yodeck SAML 2.0
  3. Click Save to add the app to your Company Apps and display additional configuration tabs.
  4. Go to the SSO tab to obtain the Issuer URL that you will need to setup your Yodeck SSO settings.
  5. Now login to your Yodeck account and go to the SAML Configuration Tab and click the enable button.
  6. The Digest Algorithm must be the same as the SAML Signature Algorithm from One Login.
    Note : We recommend you choose the SHA256( secure hash algorithm).Check this link for details about the comparison between different SHA’s .
  7. Paste the copied URL and click import. Now you will see the URLs that have been preconfigured.
  8. Click Save
  9. Select the Parameters Tab.
  10. Ensure that Credentials are set to Configured by admin and that the mappings are as follows:
  11. You can add a different attribute and paste it in the Yodeck SAML Configuration in the “Attribute name for NameID” textbox or leave the “Use Default NameID”  that uses the email as the username.
  12. Click Save .

Create a OneLogin SAML User for the Yodeck App

Create a user that will use SAML through Yodeck and assign the user to the Yodeck SAML Application.

  1. Go to your Users Administrative page through OneLogin.
  2. Click New User and fill out the form.
  3. Click the Plus sign (+) and choose the Yodeck App.

Creating a Yodeck Test User

To provision a user account, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Yodeck tenant.
  2. Click Users , and then click Add User.
  3. On the Add user dialog page, perform the following steps:
    • In the First name textbox, enter the first name, like SAML . In the Last name textbox, enter the last name, like User.
    • In the Email address textbox, enter the email of the user that you have created in the previous step (OneLogin User). In this example case, it’s .
      Note: Bear in mind that the Yodeck user and OneLogin user must have the exact same email.
    • Select a Role for your User.
    • Click Save.