Configuring your WiFi network by editing the SETTINGS.TXT file

Step by step procedure

 To connect the Yodeck player to your wireless network if you don’t have an Ethernet cable to use:

  1. In the Yodeck Portal Monitor Settings, add your wireless network’s WiFi credentials in the Yodeck Portal (Monitor Settings->Network) and click Save.

    Keep in mind that WiFi network names are case-sensitive.

    configure WiFi

  2. Power off the Player and also remove the SD card from the Player.
  3. By using an SD card reader, place the SD card in your Laptop or PC and go to the SETTINGS.TXT file that resides in the first partition of the SD card.
  4. Edit the SETTINGS.TXT file, add the same Wireless credentials in the relative fields ” ssid” and ” key” , like those you have set in the Yodeck Portal Monitor WiFi Settings above.
    configure WiFi
  5. Place the SD card back into the Yodeck Player and plug in the power cable.
  6. After powering on the Player, a blinking message ” Configuring ” will display at the bottom right of your screen. Please do not unplug or reboot the Player at this stage. If the WiFi credentials are correct, the Player should connect to your wireless network without any issues.
  7. Try to make some content changes to ensure that the Player responds to the new pushed content via your wireless network.

Place the SD card back to your player, and if the WiFi credentials are correct, the player will connect to your new WiFi network.