Digital Signage Features and Benefits with Yodeck

digital signage features and benefits

Display any content on screen, in just a few clicks!


Show your Media on Screen

More than video and images, easily display Office documents, web pages, YouTube videos and livestream videos. See the power of digital signage features and benefits, in just a few clicks.

Image, Video and Audio Files

Show images and videos and set audio files on your screen with a simple drag & drop. Get thousands of free stock images from our Image Gallery, or show YouTube videos.

Document Files

Want to show your PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint files? Just drag & drop them into the Yodeck Portal. Retain your PowerPoint transitions and animations, as Yodeck converts and uploads the file as a video.

Web Pages

Quickly display web pages and data dashboards from online services or corporate networks. Log in to sites automatically. Yodeck preloads Web pages in your Playlists to display instantly.

Make Playlists with a Drag & Drop

Create stunning playlists with your favorite media, with a simple drag & drop. Enjoy instant transitions, with no black screens between media.


Get started in seconds

Make your content shine immediately with our Plug & Play Yodeck Player and free screen layout templates and widgets.

Easy Setup Yodeck Raspberry Pi 4 Player is plug & play ready. Our complete kit comes with everything you need and it’s preconfigured for your WiFi. No tech savvy required, we promise!

Free Screen Layout Templates

Show stunning content immediately with our free, professionally designed screen layout templates. They’re fully customizable for your own branding! Take advantage of digital signage features and benefits, in seconds.

Free Widgets

Show data dashboards from your favorite services. Create news tickers in seconds, using the world’s most popular news services. Browse our Widget Gallery for more great widgets. All free, all easy to use.

Supports Any Screen Resolution

Our Yodeck Players support all standard resolutions, including Full-HD or 4K/UHD. Got a different screen orientation? It’s a breeze to select the type of orientation you want.

Easy to manage!

Easy to Manage & Schedule

Set different content schedules for different screens, in seconds. Monitor and manage thousands of screens, in just a few clicks.

Intuitive Scheduling

Show different content during different hours or days, to target specific groups of customers or clients you want to attract. Changing a schedule is a breeze. Easily plan ahead, for as long as you need.

Remotely Turn Off Screens

Need to turn off your screens during off-hours? Do it remotely, to save power and extend your screen’s life. Yodeck supports CEC-enabled screens! Save money with digital signage features and benefits.

Total Remote Screen Management

Manage everything, from your content to your Players, right from the online Portal. Upload new content remotely. Troubleshoot remotely if needed, as well, with our detailed status updates.

Auto-Upgrades & Remote Support

All our software upgrades happen automatically over the internet, so you get new features hassle-free. Need tech support? Just fill in the in-app form and our tech support team will help you out remotely.

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digital signage security features

Extreme Security & Reliability

Have total control of the players and the service, rely on our security features, and enjoy a digital signage solution you can trust.

Player Secure Lockdown

Secure your Players by preventing any tampering that could potentially be used to attack your network. Lockdown can be activated remotely, no need to be physically present. Digital signage features and benefits come with excellent security.

Designate “Safe” IP Addresses

Restrict your users to only connect to your account from the designated IP addresses. IP address restrictions can be set on both a global and a per user level. Get security with digital signage features and benefits.

Two-Factor Authentication

You can secure user accounts with Two-Factor Authentication. Using their smartphones, users will require both a password and a code generated by their phone to log in, so you can keep your account safe from hijackers.

Restrict Access to Users

Add an unlimited number of users to your Yodeck Account, with a separate password for each user. Use our Workspaces feature to customize access to content and screens.

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