App Compatibility Table

When using Yodeck, it’s crucial to consider app compatibility, whether running an app on a specific player or previewing an app in the portal. To simplify this, we’ve created an App Compatibility Table.

App NameSupported Players
Al JazeeraAll players
Analog ClockAll players
AsanaRaspberry Pi
BaremetricsRaspberry Pi
BBCAll players
Birthday NotificationAll players
Calendar Events FeedAll players
CanvaAll players
CBCAll players
ChargebeeRaspberry Pi
ChartMogulRaspberry Pi
CNNAll players
Counter up/downAll players
Create HTML appAll players
Create Web appRaspberry PI
CTVAll players
Cumul.ioRaspberry Pi
Current WeatherAll players
Custom RSSAll players
CyfeRaspberry Pi
Daily WeatherAll players
Daily/Weekly CalendarAll players
Date & TimeAll players
DSMenuAll players
Embed AppAll players
ESPNAll players
Facebook Page FeedAll players
Facebook User FeedAll players
FathomRaspberry Pi
Fox NewsAll players
Google AlertsAll players
Google AnalyticsRaspberry Pi
Google CalendarRaspberry Pi
Google Data StudioRaspberry Pi
Google NewsAll players
Google SlidesRaspberry Pi
Google TrafficRaspberry Pi
GrafanaRaspberry Pi
Hourly WeatherAll players
Instagram Profile AppsAll players
LinkedInAll players
Monthly CalendarAll players
My DashboardRaspberry Pi
National Weather AlertsAll players
New York timesAll players
Online SlideshowAll players
Outlook CalendarAll players
Player Basic InfoAll players
PosterMyWallAll players
Power BiAll players
PutlerRaspberry Pi
QR codeAll players
Qube (by QBetter)Raspberry Pi
Rich TextAll players
ShedulRaspberry Pi
Sky NewsAll players
TableauRaspberry Pi
Tableau (JWT)All players
Taggbox DisplayAll players
The GuardianAll players
TickerAll players
TrelloRaspberry Pi, Web Player Chrome extension
Trello with Atlassian LoginRaspberry Pi, Web Player Chrome extension
TV SourceRaspberry Pi
TwitterAll players
Wall street journalAll players
Walls.ioAll players
WiFi ShareAll players
WikiQuotesAll players
World ClockAll players
XeroRaspberry Pi
YahooAll players
ZenkitRaspberry Pi
ZohoRaspberry Pi
Zoom RoomsWeb Player Chrome extension


App Support

Our team is dedicated to broadening app compatibility across all players in the future. If an app you require isn’t currently supported on your preferred player, please submit your request here. We appreciate your patience and input as we work to enhance our service offerings.

App Previewing

Previewing in layouts isn’t available for all apps. If you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support team by filling out this form.

Web Player Extension

Some apps require the web player Chrome extension to display properly on your screen. If you haven’t yet installed this extension, please download it here.