Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

Pair the power of the Raspberry with the Yodeck cloud-based app, and you can display any content on your screen in minutes.

Why Raspberry-Pi Digital Signage

Trusted Solution

With more than 10 million devices worldwide, it’s all about the community that makes Raspberry Pi digital signage so special!

Extreme Security

Yodeck’s player is as secure as Fort Knox. The cores used in the Raspberry Pi are simple and robust, which make them immune to hacker attacks and vulnerabilities found in other chips. So you can rest easy.

Accessible Price

The Raspberry Pi is the most cost-effective option on the market. And it’s secure, reliable, high-performing and flexible. Choose Yodeck and you’ll get extremely affordable hardware and software that won’t let you down.

Easy System Recovery

In the extremely rare case of a system freeze up, Raspberry Pi can make a remote recovery using the hardware watchdog. Even if your digital signage players are miles away.

Go Green and Save

The Raspberry Pi uses less than 3W of power and consumption will never go over 5-6W. You save on your electric bill while helping the environment with Raspberry Pi digital signage. Because being environmentally friendly is as important to Yodeck as it is to you.

Always Available

The Raspberry Pi is found everywhere. Which means you won’t have any supply issues. EVER. Also, it is exactly the same everywhere (not similar or compatible, exactly the same).

– Exclusive offer –
Get Yodeck Raspberry Pi players for free!

yodeck player

That’s right! Now with any Annual Subscription, you get all the Raspberry Pi units you need to start, preconfigured, and they’re free. Just plug them in and you’re good to go! In case you already have a Raspberry Pi, you can also use it on Yodeck.

Why Yodeck

Total Content Control

Supports videos, images, audio, docs, social media, widgets, scheduling, screen zones & layouts, overlays, transparencies, the ability to control screens and more.


Yodeck is widely praised as the easiest and most user-friendly digital signage platform. No need to be an expert. Your monitors will be up and running and displaying your content flawlessly, in just a few clicks with Yodeck’s Raspberry Pi digital signage.

Extras by Yodeck

If you order our Yodeck players you’ll get all the awesomeness of the Raspberry Pi plus all our Yodeck extras, including pre-loaded Yodeck software, your pre-configured settings, extra memory, an HDMI cable, a case with heat sink and a power adapter.

Perfect Playback

Yodeck automates playback. It auto-adapts videos, you can auto-zoom pages, and work flawlessly with any content. The new Raspberry Pi 4 also supports 4K content.

Free Support

Not sure if you can handle it? Our Support Team is always there to help you out. Submit a ticket and magically get help remotely! For free!

Remote Management

Yodeck is cloud-based, so you can design and schedule content no matter where you are. Raspberry Pi is great for remote troubleshooting too.

Easy Installation

Our easy plug-and-play installation means anyone can set it up. Really.

Internet Down?

No worries! Your content will play fine for up to a month.

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