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Top Ten Reasons Why Yodeck’s Raspberry-Pi Powered Playbox Is Perfect for your Digital Signage

The Raspberry Pi’s got tons to brag about – extreme reliability and robustness (no mechanical parts!), open-source Linux OS (fewer bugs, more security!), market-proven (over 14 million sold worldwide).

Have the Best Digital Signage with Yodeck’s Raspberry Pi-powered Playbox

We based our tech on such great foundations so we can offer you innovative software features while making content management easier than any other Digital Signage service. Get our Yodeck Raspberry Pi Playbox and you have total content control, remote management, and easy installation with our pre-configured, plug-and-play capability. Get started in minutes!

Yodeck gives you extra tech specs

With our Yodeck Playboxes you’ll get all the awesomeness of the Raspberry plus all our Yodeck extras, including pre-loaded Yodeck software, your pre-configured settings, extra memory, an HDMI cable and power adapter. Because we want your digital signage to run on the absolute best hardware out there. And be completely user-friendly too.

Extreme security

With the Raspberry Pi-powered Yodeck Playbox, your digital signage is as secure as Fort Knox. The cores used in the Raspberry Pi are simple and robust. And immune to attacks from hackers who prey on flaws and vulnerabilities found in other chips. So you can rest easy.

GPU-accelerated Playback

Video playback is smooth and flawless, even for high bitrate 1080p video, overlays, transparencies, web content, even 4K resolution and partial Flash support. Everything you’ll ever need from a digital signage player.

The power of Raspberry Pi

Yodeck takes advantage of the power provided by the Raspberry Pi to deliver a great playback experience with any custom layout you want. Why limit yourself to fullscreen or landscape?

Easy system recovery

Yodeck’s Raspberry Pi-powered Playbox builds on the Pi’s hardware watchdog, which means you can set the Raspberry’s SoC to cold reboot in the rare case your app or system freezes up. And that’s a lifesaver, especially if you have remote Digital Signage players miles away.

Accurate remote troubleshooting

Yodeck’s Raspberry-powered Playbox lets you know if your screens are correctly hooked up. How? Because the Raspberry Pi’s HDMI port has a pin that indicates that the port is connected to a screen. Which is great for remote troubleshooting.

Yodeck’s Raspberry Pi Playbox helps you go green

Here at Yodeck we’ve made saving the environment a priority. And that’s one reason we picked the Raspberry Pi for our Playbox. Because it uses less than 3W of power and consumption will never go over 5-6W.

Always available, no delays

No sourcing problems! The Raspberry Pi is found EVERYWHERE. So there won’t be any manufacturer-related issues. Which is great because we’ll always be able to ship you our Yodeck Playboxes, delay- and problem-free!

Yodeck Hardware comes free!

With Annual Subscriptions, you get all the Raspberry Pi units you need to start, preconfigured, for free. Just plug them in and you’re good to go!

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage was last modified: December 7th, 2018 by Yodeck

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