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The cloud-based digital signage platform that helps you design and schedule easily from the web!

That’s right: forever free!
Manage your screens

Any kind of content
The Yodeck Playbox can handle
almost any file type! Learn more

Manage your screens easily, anywhere
Yodeck’s interface allows you to manage
everything from your tablet! Learn more

Yodeck enables you to design and schedule your monitors easily from the web, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

It works on any screen ratio, and handles a large collection of file formats, including videos, presentations, YouTubes and more !

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Using and Re-using Content

Upload any type of videos or images. Use any YouTube video link. Show any web-page you want.

Content Adaptation

Anything you upload is automagically adapted for a perfect playback.


Top-grade encryption, firewall and other security features to make sure screens stay safe.

Custom Widgets

Need a custom dynamic price-board, chart, or something else? Upload and use your own widgets. Or use our own!

A Breeze to Deploy

We ship preconfigured plug-and-play Players that can be installed by anyone, just like a DVD player.

Use Wired or Wireless Networks

Yodeck supports Ethernet and WiFi networks, incl. proxies, static IPs and more.

Hardware Included

Our Yodeck Playbox provides great performance at a reasonable price. Get it for free with an annual plan.

Why just a single player?

Get FREE Players for all your screens by selecting a yodeck Annual Plan!

Meaningful dashboard

Yodeck provides a comprehensive management panel to manage from one to a thousand of monitors.

Drag-n-Drop Layout Editing

Create unique monitor layouts using our Show Editor, using your uploaded media or ready-to-use widgets.

Mobile-Enabled Management

The Yodeck Management Panel supports mobile browsers, so you can make changes on the go.

Support PC-based Players

Yodeck also supports PC-based players. You just install Ubuntu and install our software.

Start with a free plan

Just add your email below and you’re good to go!
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Yodeck Playbox

Are you experienced?
The yodeck Playbox is based on Raspberry Pi 3. Learn more

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