Interactive Kiosk


Interactive Kiosk enables your content to be displayed as a screensaver, and additional content will be displayed after an interaction with the monitor, either through a touch or a keyboard click. After a selected period of inactivity, the monitor switches back to the screensaver content.

Creating an Interactive Kiosk App

The Interactive Kiosk can be found in the General category of your app gallery. Simply click on it, then select “Use App” to start the setup.

App Settings

Name & Description:Name is required for the app and an optional Description for it.

Playback Content: Choose the content acting as your kiosk’s screensaver.

Interaction Content: Choose the content that will be displayed upon user interaction.

Idle timeout: Set the duration of inactivity, after which the kiosk will revert back to displaying the screensaver content.

Close button: The close button is always on top of your Interaction Content. Tapping on allows the users to switch from Interaction Content to Playback Content. In this setting, you can choose the color best for your Interaction Content.

Interactive Indicator

  • Interactive Indicator Toggle: Enabling this toggle will activate the Interactive Indicator, a visual prompt to encourage user interaction with the kiosk.
  • Indicator: In this field, you can select the Interactive Indicator of your preference.
    • 💡The Interactive Indicator will blink at a predefined rate.
  • Indicator Color: Select the color of the Interactive Indicator to suit your design preferences or branding guidelines.
  • Indicator Size: Adjust the size of the Interactive Indicator, with sizes being percentages of your screen, to ensure it is appropriately visible.
  • Indicator Location: Select the desired position for the Interactive Indicator on your screen to ensure its visibility and convenience for user interaction.

Advanced options only for Raspberry Pi

  • Paste the exact URL from your browser, e.g., ‘‘. Upon reaching this URL, users will be redirected to Playback Content.
    • A practical example would be the URL of a ‘Thank You’ page after submitting a form.
  • Keyboard Functions: Connect a keyboard to access the following key functions:
    • Enter: Switch from Playback content to Interaction content.
    • Esc: Switch from Interaction content to Playback content.

Additional Information

  • The Interactive Kiosk must have an internet connection to display webpages and other online media.
    • With a low-speed internet connection, users may experience intermittent lag during the transition between Playback and Interaction content.
  • An Interactive Kiosk can be directly assigned to a Monitor or a Schedule; adding it to a Playlist or a Layout is not possible.
  • If a user has NWS weather alert enabled:
    • Alerts will be visible in the Kiosk.
    • Alerts appear on top of Playback and Interactive content.
  • Volume Schedules:
    • Override the content of the Interactive Kiosk.
  • Emergency Alerts:
    • Override the content of the Interactive Kiosk.
  • Recommended Screen Size for Raspberry Pi
    • 7” to 15” Touch Screens: For an optimal Interactive Kiosk experience with Raspberry Pi players, we suggest using touch screens within this size range.
      • For some screen options, feel free to explore the following link

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