9.6.3 Timed Events

Set Download hours

You can set the exact time for the player to perform a download of the latest content uploaded to your account.

download hours

If you have enabled the above option and clicked “Push to players,” a new message will pop up, which lets you either push the changes right now or during the download hours you have set in the advanced settings.

download hours

The new content will take effect and start displaying on your screens after the player downloaded all the required media in the given download window.

(lightbulb) If your download speed is quite slow, make sure that you have set a download window of at least 2 hours or more for the player to have enough time to download the given media accordingly. If the player has not downloaded all the media during the download window, it will not change the content and keep displaying the old content.

Set Scheduled Reboot

You can set the exact time and day that the player will perform a reboot.

schedule reboot