Interactive Playlist


Interactive Playlists revolutionize how viewers engage with screen content. For the first time, anyone can navigate through the playlist contents at their own pace. Whether it’s pausing a dashboard, delving deeper into a video, or taking time to read a PDF document, interactive playlists put control in the hands of the viewer. Our step-by-step guide ensures you are seamlessly set up for peak experience.

You can create an Interactive Playlist, as shown below:

Interactive Playlist

Requirements for Interactive Playlist Setup

You’ll need a remote control, clicker, mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen to interact with your content.

  • Compatibility: We accommodate a broad range of remote controls and clickers. Ensure you have a USB receiver plugged into your Player.
  • Touchscreen: Touchscreen displays are also fully supported, allowing for great engagement with your content.

Hardware Recommendations

Interactive playlists are resource-intensive features. To ensure smooth performance, we recommend the following hardware:

  • Use a Raspberry Pi 4B with at least 4GB RAM.
  • Recent Android players with touchscreens are also compatible and provide a seamless interactive experience.
  • Set the monitor settings to Full HD resolution to ensure optimal display quality. 4Κ videos are not supported.

Video Playback Guidelines

  • Use videos set to approximately 30 fps to achieve the smoothest video playback. Videos at 60 fps may not perform as well.

Raspberry Pi-Specific Limitations

  • Tickers and Transitions: Note that tickers and image transitions are currently disabled, meaning playlists will play without these visual effects.
  • Playback Reports: The system does not record playback reports for any media in the interactive playlist.
  • App Compatibility:
    • These apps are not supported in the interactive playlist:
      • Asana
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Calendar
      • Google Data Studio
      • Google Slides
      • Google Traffic
      • SharePoint
      • TV Source


Player Update for Interactive Playlists

  • Raspberry Pi Recommendation: For the best performance, ensure your device runs the latest Yodeck Software Image. This update is essential for handling the demands of interactive playlists.
    • How to reflash your RPi: Reflash the player using this How-To guide.

Need Help?

The Yodeck Support Team can help you out! Log in to your Yodeck account and Send us a message from the bottom right corner!