Quickly connect your Yodeck player to your WiFi network by using the WiFi wizard


WiFi wizard yodeck player

Easily use the WiFi wizard in Yodeck digital signage to connect your Yodeck player to your wireless network.

First things first

You first have to type the relative WiFi credentials from the network you want to pair the Yodeck player.

  1. Click the player’s name and go to the Network tab.
  2. Toggle to ON the “Enable WiFi” option and type the credentials in the corresponding fields.
  3. After typing, click the “Save” button at the end of the form.

💡If you use a simple network (SSID/Password) as a WiFi mode, please use the WPA/WPA2 option.

WiFi wizard Portal settings

Step-by-step procedure

  1. Plug a keyboard into any player’s 4 USB ports and hit Ctrl+Alt+F12 simultaneously.
    • 💡Any USB port will work.
  2. Wait for 3-6 seconds, and a new screen will appear.
  3. A login name is required. Type the word “user” and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
WiFi wizard keyboard shortcuts

What password do I need to type now?

  1. Click the player’s name and go to the Monitor’s Advanced Settings->Security tab.
  2. Find the password in the Remote Support Password field. It will be a 6-digit password.
  3. Type that password by using the keyboard and pressing the Enter key.
    • 💡Respect capital letters as well. The password is case-sensitive.
Yodeck remote support password

Using the WiFi Wizard

Once you successfully connect to your player with the above credentials, you will see the screen below.

Select the “Configure WiFi” option and press the Enter key on the keyboard. There are three other options on this screen such as “Edit SETTINGS.TXT,” “Reboot the player,” and also “Shutdown the player.”

  1. Select the “Configure WiFi” option, and the player will start scanning for the available WiFi networks.
  2. Choose the WiFi network of your choice and press the Enter key.
    • 💡You can also configure an Enterprise WiFi network (EAP).
  3. Type the WiFi password and press the Enter key.
    • The password is case-sensitive.
  4. The player will attempt to connect to that Wireless network.
    • 💡If the WiFi credentials are correct, the player should connect without issues.
  5. By clicking the “Yes” option, the player will Save the WiFi settings and will start applying the new configuration.
    • 💡You will notice a blinking message “Configuring.” Do not reboot the player at this state. The player is applying the new configuration.
WiFi wizard steps

Video Tutorial

Need Help?

The Yodeck Support Team can help you out! Reach out!


My password is in this form “••••••”. What do I need to type now?

Remote Support Password

You can find the Remote Support password in your player’s advanced settings in the Security tab. The password is hashed for security reasons if the password is in this form “••••••“. You must type the not hashed password you have set in the past. If you do not remember the Remote Support password you have set in the past, you will need an Ethernet cable to bring the player back Online.

How do I change the Remote Support Password?

The player needs to be Online to perform this change. If you do not remember the password you have set, re-type a new password and click “Save.” You will notice a ‘Configuring’ message at the bottom of your screen. After that message disappears, try to initiate the WiFi Wizard one more time and type the password you have set.

When I type the password, I get a “Login Incorrect” error message

For the username, you type the word user and ensure that you respect capital letters. The password is case-sensitive.

How do I add a hidden WiFi network?

After logging into the wizard, if the wireless network is hidden, it won’t appear after a scan. You can press F2 on your keyboard and add the hidden network manually.