Mask your credentials at the Scripting Engine text field

Basic Information (Must Read) We have created a mechanism to “hide” your credentials on your Scripting Engine to avoid other users seeing these details. Anywhere in a script where there is a: MASK[[[…]]] , it will be replaced on Save with a MASKED[[[credential_1]]] hiding the stored credentials/other information. The credentials cannot be retrieved or shown […]

Scripting Templates

Here, you will find some scripting templates for various popular websites for your convenience. Microsoft Account authentication for Microsoft’s website. type("""#i0116""", """YOUR_EMAIL""") pause(1) runScript(""" document.querySelector("#i0116").dispatchEvent(new Event("change")) """) pause(2) click("""#idSIButton9""") pause(2) type("""#i0118""", """YOUR_PASSWORD""") pause(1) runScript(""" document.querySelector("#i0118").dispatchEvent(new Event("change")) """) pause(2) clickAndWait("""#idSIButton9""") click("""#KmsiCheckboxField""") pause(2) click("""#idSIButton9""")

Scripting Engine Reference

Syntax (MUST-READ) The syntax used by the Scripting Engine is pretty simple. Here are the rules: Each command can be on a separate or the same line. Each command used should have a set of parentheses. All command invocations are essentially function calls. Integers are specified as usual. Important : Strings (like selectors, URIs, and […]

Web Scripting Engine

Introduction Yodeck provides a great feature that’s an absolute necessity for Digital Signage; the ability to modify or navigate a web page. What does that mean? Scripting Engine Use Cases Use Form-based Authentication Many websites require you to fill out a username and password on a form, and then you have to click a button […]

Useful Scripts To Use

Scrolling to a Specific Area If you need to scroll the web viewer to a specific area on the screen, you can use JavaScript. Syntax: window.scrollTo( xpos, ypos ) Parameter Type Description xpos Number Required. The coordinate to scroll to, along the x-axis (horizontal), in pixels ypos Number Required. The coordinate to scroll to, along […]

Tutorial – Google Analytics

According to your needs, you can use our scripting engine to perform many interesting operations that enhance the look and feel of any website. Here you will find a short demonstration of our scripting engine’s potential with Google Analytics, a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. If you […]

Scripting FAQ

Here you can find common problems that you may encounter when using our Scripting Engine. I am unable to login to a website when I enter my credentials (text fields are not activated) Assuming that you have entered the correct credentials you may need to add some extra code after the type command. type("""username_css_selector""", """my_username""") pause(1) type("""password_css_selector""", […]