Lock Down Player [Enterprise Plan only]

By locking down the player, the below options will be disabled on your player’s settings:

  • Disabling SSH and firewall TCP Port 22
  • Disabling the VPN support connection option
  • Disabling the firewall reconfiguration option
  • Disabling CHANGING the Customization Script
  • Disabling CHANGING the Custom Power Script
  • Disabling remotely CHANGING all player’s SSH support passwords

How to unlock the Player

When deactivating this feature, a deactivation file is produced for each device affected and emailed to the Account Admins only. The deactivation file must be written on a USB flash drive. While the player is off, you need to plug in the USB flash drive with the deactivation file on the player’s USB ports, then start the boot-up sequence for the lockdown setting to be deactivated. Reflashing the device will not do anything.

The deactivation file will be in this format (unlock_Player’s-IDScreen-ID ) to know which file to use on which player.


  • Player’s-ID= 12345
  • Screen-ID= abc1234

The unlock file that will be produced upon disabling the Lock-Down feature on that player will be named:

  • unlock_12345abc1234

Need Help?

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