Advanced Media Scheduling


With our new Advanced Media Scheduling, you can create a customized display schedule for each media item. Most importantly, it’s a life-and-time-saver if you run many campaigns or have ad networks.

Say you want certain media, like promo videos or ad flyers, to be displayed only in the morning, in the evening, or only on certain days. With this feature, you don’t have to create different playlists or layouts to accurately display such time-sensitive and targeted advertising campaigns exactly when you want. Just add schedules in the ‘Availability’ media option and specify the times and dates you want each media item to display on your TVs. Also, please note this feature is available in the Pro and Enterprise plans.


Let’s say you want to display some media at specific hours during the day. Also, this media is part of a bigger playlist or tag-based playlist with hundreds of media. Without this feature, the media would always display on the screen regardless of day or hour.

But with the “Advanced Media Scheduling” feature, this media will only be displayed on the screen in the timeframe and days you have set below.

Scheduled Availability

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