Configuring your WiFi network using an Ethernet cable

Yodeck player connected with an ethernet cable

First, connect the Yodeck Player with an Ethernet cable to your router.
💡 One end must be connected to the Yodeck player and the other to your router/switch.

2. When the player appears online in your dashboard, enter your wireless network’s WiFi credentials in the Yodeck Portal and, more specifically, in the Network Tab.

Configuring WiFi Connection Yodeck

3. If unsure of the WiFi network’s name, click the “Scan for available WiFi” button and wait for the player to scan. A dropdown list will display the available scanned WiFi networks.
💡If the WiFi network is hidden, it won’t get detected.

4. Select the WiFi mode.
💡For simple WiFi networks with a username and password, select the WPA/WPA2 option.

5. Type the WiFi password. If you are not sure that you have entered the correct password, click the “Test Connection” button and wait for the player to attempt to connect.

6. After clicking” Save,” a blinking message “Configuring” will display at the bottom right of your screen.
💡Please do not unplug or reboot the player in this state. You can safely remove the Ethernet cable when the message disappears from your screen.

7. Unplug the Ethernet cable and make some content changes to ensure the player responds to the new changes via your wireless network.