Introduction to Custom Widgets

Custom widgets

Custom Widgets allow you to create your own small applications or automated online web pages and publish this as a Widget within a Yodeck Account. To do this, there are several options and technologies that you can use. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you should investigate which better fits your case.

Options for building a Custom Widget

Here is a quick list of all current options for developing a Custom Widget.

Web Widget

A Web Widget is based on an online web page (a URL) and uses our scripting engine to automate and modify that web page.

Some examples that we already provide are Baremetrics, ChartMogul, Google Calendar, Google Analytics, and Instagram Widgets. These Widgets load up a web page from the respective service, they log in, then navigate to the selected page and show the data you need.

You can read more about Web Widgets here .

HTML Widget

An HTML Widget is based on a ZIP package with HTML files that you upload to Yodeck. This package is then unzipped inside Yodeck Players and is displayed locally.

You can read more about HTML Widgets here .

Quick Comparison of Custom Widget options

Each Widget type has its pros and cons.

Internet Access Required Optional
Code Yodeck Scripting Engine + Javascript (optionally) HTML + Javascript
Difficulty Easy and fast Needs coding skills and time
Upload Required No Yes
Can Access Filesystem and GPIO pins No Yes
Cross-origin Requests Restricted Unrestricted