A Queue management system for everybody

Queue management system

Creating a Qube widget within Yodeck

The first thing you have to do is to find the Qube widget in the Widget’s gallery. Select the widget and click the Use button.

Demo Preview

If you like to see how the Queue management system will display on your TV screen please follow the below link:


General Settings

Click on the Qube widget to add it and fill in the widget details as follows:

  1. A name is required for the widget and an optional description for it
  2. Your Qube’s Public Identifier URLCreate a Q Better account

    To display a queue management system on the TV screen, you need a Qube account. Kindly follow the below link to create a 30-day trial account.

    If you don’t have a Qube account, sign up here .

  3. Type the name for the Queue Header Name
  4. Type the name for the Ticket Header Name
  5. Type the name for Counter Header Name

More Settings

  1. Set the default duration the widget will appear in a playlist.
  2. You can set the Play Since /Play Until parameters. In other words, you can set the expiration date, which means that you can choose the exact date and time that this widget will play in your playlist or layout, or you can choose the “Always” and “Forever” setting, and the widget will never expire.
  3. Click “Save,” and your widget is ready to use.