9.1 Basic Info

Name : The Name of your Monitor

Tags : Tag your monitor for easy categorization

Registration Code : If you type the registration code displayed on your screen and click Save, the device with this registration code is tied to your account. When you click save, the system deletes the code because the connection between the device and your Yodeck account has been made, and this code is not needed anymore. If you delete the monitor entry from your Yodeck account, a new registration code will come up on the corresponding screen.

Schedule to Playback: Choose the Schedule that you want your monitor to display.

schedule to playback

Default Content: Choose the Default Content that you want your monitor to display. You can choose to display a single Media or Playlist, or Show.

default content

Monitor Orientation : You can choose the orientation of your monitor. You can find more information here .

monitor orientation

Continent (or Country): Choose your Country

City (or Zone): Choose your City or Time zone