Comparison Table RPi vs Web player

Current Web Player’s Limitations

The latest web player currently has some limitations, as shown below. We are working hard to improve the current web player to match the Yodeck Raspberry Pi player in all playback fields.


  • The Yodeck Raspberry Pi Player fully supports all the features below
  • The extension is not available on mobile devices.
  • Fully Supported Browsers: (to be resolved with developing a web player app).
    • Chrome
    • Edge
    • Chromium
Feature/SpecsRaspberry PiWeb Player /PreviewWeb Player with extensionWeb player with PWA
Display Media (Images, Videos, Audio, Documents) ✅ 
Display Apps
Web Apps
– Grafana
– Google Calendar
– Google Slides
– Google Traffic
– Google Analytics
Web pages with x-frame-options or content-security-policy HTTP header
Autoplay with sound (without human interaction)
Screenshot support in portal
Volume Schedules feature
Emergency Alerts
Live YouTube Video/Audio Stream
USB to HDMI Video Capture 
HDMI-in Support 
Device Management
Remote content change
Network Configurations Wifi, Ethernet, 4G USB Dongle, Firewall)
Security Configurations (Custom certificates, SSH support)
Screen Resolution (Choose resolution/frequency)
Sound output (choose HDMI/Analog/Auto/Muted)
Advanced Customization (Handle on-screen messages, Advanced Player Directives)