Scheduled Maintenance

Your Yodeck experience is being upgraded!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but our platform is currently undergoing maintenance. We apologize for any disruption this may cause and thank you for your patience as we work to improve our services.

Scheduled Maintenance Details

Our release cycle for the Yodeck Portal is completed every 6 weeks. This scheduled maintenance should take around 30-40 minutes to complete.

  • We issue updates every 6 weeks. This is a scheduled update window that is not unexpected. This week is the scheduled week that the updates are issued.
  • You can always find the release schedule using this calendar feed:
  • Overall, the updates:
    • Do not affect Player installations.
    • The Players will keep displaying the content on the screens.
    • The web dashboard is disabled for the duration of the update.
    • This duration is usually 30-40 minutes. Very rarely, the duration has been extended to 1-2 hours for large migration procedures, but generally, the downtime is minimal.
  • We always issue a 48-hour notice for the maintenance window inside the application. Besides that, we always have that calendar to communicate with customers and partners on scheduled maintenance.
  • While we understand that updates should be performed outside business hours, our platform currently serves customers and partners worldwide. So, EU business, US business hours, and AU business hours differ. So, we have decided to update our business hours (usually around the same time as you saw on the dashboard).
  • While we understand that customers or partners may have scheduled presentations or important events on the scheduled maintenance window, we cannot afford to shift that, and we must be strict about that. You can understand that if we allowed any of the 10,000 customers or 500 reselling partners to push around our maintenance window, we would have a serious problem. For example, postponing tomorrow’s maintenance windows might cause other customers or partners trouble.
    • In extreme cases where a release date needs to be shifted, we always update this calendar. We rarely shift the release week, so if possible, you should not schedule presentations or critical roll-outs this week.

I hope you understand and assist in avoiding similar situations in the future!

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