Custom Certificates

Example Certificates

You can install any certificates (in a PEM format) directly on your player. For example, I have 2 CA in a PEM format, as shown below:

1. First Certificate



2. Second Certificate



Copy and paste them in the relative field in your player’s security settings, as shown below. Click the ”Save” button, and the certificates will be installed on your player.

Proper Paste Format

Just bear in mind to include the —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– at the start of your certificate and the —–END CERTIFICATE—– at the end of your certificate.

Custom Certificates Yodeck

Installing Custom Certificates by editing the SETTINGS.TXT file

  1. Copy your custom certificates and click the Save button on the Yodeck portal, as shown above
  2. Visit this site: and paste the 2 certificates one after the other. Click the “Encode” button and copy the generated text
  3. Power off the Player and remove the SD card
  4. Using an SD card reader, place the SD card in your Laptop or PC and go to the SETTINGS.TXT file that resides in the first partition of the SD card.
  5. In the SETTINGS.TXT file, find the [SECURITY] section, and paste the copied text from step 2 after the ‘=’ sign at the line custom_certificates =
  6. Ensure the copied text is a single line with no empty spaces or line breaks between the characters.
  7. Place the SD card back into the player and plug in the power cable.
  8. After powering on, a blinking message ”Configuring” will display at the bottom right of your screen. Please do not unplug or reboot the player at this stage. The player should connect to your network without issues if the custom certificates are correct.