8.1 Turned Off option (How to Turn your TV On and Off)

You can turn the TV ON and OFF by using the special “ Turned Off” option. Keep in mind that the Player uses the “Default Content” assigned to it and overrides it with the “Schedule to Playback” content. If your TV supports the CEC Option (*check info below)and it is also enabled, you can directly assign the Turned Off option to your device.
The Turned Off option can be found by clicking the blue Edit button on your Monitor settings. Select the “ Default Content ” option and choose the “ Turned Off” option on the drop-down menu.

turned off feature

turned off feature

How to Schedule the Turned Off option

If you go to “Schedules,” you can create a new Schedule and add an entry there for the ” Turned Off .” Whenever this option ( Turned Off ) is scheduled, the TV will be turned off.

When the next Content starts displaying, it will Turn On your TV and start displaying the Assigned Content.

Here is a Scheduled example of the Turned Off option:

turned off featureturned off featureturned off feature

From the above images

  1. Added ” Turned Off” option, which will play from 22:00:00 to 07:00:00. ~TV will be Turned Off~
  2. Added ” Full Screen ” Content, which will play from 07:00:00 to 15:00:00. ~TV will be Turned On~
  3. Added ” Show 1 ” Layout, which will play from 15:00:00 to 22:00:00. ~TV will still be On~
  4. The ” Turned Off ” option will start playing again. ~ TV will be Turned Off~

After saving the schedule, make sure you have assigned it to your Monitor from the Monitor configuration. Do not forget to press the ” Push to Players ” button.

Example of the above configuration:

turned off feature example

Keep in mind that the Monitor’s default content will only be used to fill any empty time-slots in the assigned Schedule.

CEC Option

The Yodeck Playbox (or Raspberry Pi in general) includes a CEC adapter on its HDMI monitor port. CEC is a standard communication protocol supported by most major TV manufacturers. It allows a playback device (Yodeck Playbox) to power on, power off, and switch video inputs on a CEC-enabled TV. Check out the CEC compatibility chart .

If your monitor does not support CEC (e.g., you have a computer monitor), the Yodeck Playbox turns off the HDMI port to allow the monitor to power-down by itself. This function is supported by all current computer monitors, even some TVs.

If you are using a PC as the Yodeck player, CEC is not supported at all. The software will attempt to turn off the HDMI/VGA port, but your hardware might not support this. The same goes if you use an HDMI-to-VGA adapter on your Yodeck Playbox.

In the future, we will provide support for using infrared LEDs to signal the monitor on or off through IR, just like normal TV remotes do. We can support custom solutions for large installations, like the above, or using custom serial connections to monitors. We will also be providing programming hooks that will allow you to create custom scripts to power your monitor on/off.

How to run a few simple tests to check if your TV supports the CEC client and the Turned Off Show

To test out if your TV is Turning On and Off properly using the Turned Off option, you can follow the below simple steps.

Running the 1st Test

Connect your TV via HDMI cable with your Yodeck player. Try to have a visual site of your TV screen and follow the below actions.

Try to cycle through your TV settings to ensure that the CEC option is enabled on your TV.

Assuming that your TV is On:

  • Try to Turn Off your Monitor
    turn monitor off
  • Try to Turn On your Monitor again.
    turn monitor on

If your TV is not responding to the 2 aforementioned commands, your TV is probably not supporting a CEC client, and therefore your TV cannot be Turned Off and On by the player.

On the other hand, if the TV has successfully obeyed the 2 aforementioned commands, you can proceed with the 2nd Test below.

Running the 2nd Test

As long as the 1st Test was successful, try to create a test Schedule on your account with the Turned Off option.

First of all, assign a simple Media/Playlist or Layout at your player, secondly create a schedule with a 5-minute Turned Off option.

While you are in front of the TV, try to check if the TV responds to the below example scheduling setup.

turned off feature

With the above example setup,

  • the TV will Turn Off at 17:20:00 and remain Off until 17:25:00
  • at 17:25:00, the TV should Turn On, and the Default Content that you have assigned on your player should start displaying on your TV screen

If this test completes successfully, your TV supports the CEC client, and your player can interact directly with your TV via the HDMI cable.