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Tableau Software is an interactive data visualization software company focused on business intelligence. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end-users to create their own reports and dashboards. In this guide, you will quickly learn how to create a Tableau app under your Yodeck account.

Creating a Tableau(JWT) app

Click on the Tableau app within your app gallery to create a new one and fill in the app details as follows:

  1. Name is required for the app and an optional Description.
  2. In the Dashboard link field, paste the URL of the desired graph from your Tableau account. 
  3. Choose the Refresh Interval of your graph (default rate is 15 minutes).
  4. Click “Save,” and your app is ready to use. Assing it to your player, and the player will display the relative graph.

Authentication Settings

Type your Tableau Username, Client ID, Secret ID and Secret Valueto log in to your Tableau account.

You will need to connect the Tableau App with the Yodeck App. Find a step-by-step guide here.

Advanced Settings

Set the Default Duration so that the app will appear in a playlist.


By enabling this option, you can set media Availability. In other words, you can select a future and an expiration date, which means you can pick the exact date and time this media will be available to play on your screens. For more details, please check the Media Availability guide.

Tableau’s Final result

This is how your graph will display on your TV screen. Of course, you can check the below video for more details.

Tableau widget

Need Help?

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