Playlist of Layouts


With this feature, you can add layouts within your main Classic Playlist. In that way, each monitor will display, for example, the main Playlist, which probably has media for all your monitors, but you also have the option to display your Layouts one after the other.

How to place a Layout inside your Playlist

The first thing you have to do is follow the below quick steps to create a classic playlist.

Playlist of Layouts
  1. Login to your Yodeck account.
  2. Go to the Playlists section and create a Classic Playlist.
  3. Choose the Layout tab and add the Layout of your choice in the Selection tab.
    • 💡You can drag and drop or click the up arrow inside the Layout you want to add to your Playlist.


  • The “Keep Web pages Open” option is unavailable when you have a Layout inside your Playlist.
  • For performance reasons, each layout slide should not be less than 10 seconds.
  • When you create a Layout, whether a custom one or one from a template, you cannot insert a Playlist on it if that Playlist already has a Layout.

How-to Video

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