Custom arguments/policies for Chromium

Adding custom policies and arguments to Chromium is supported using the following Advanced Player Directives:

  • chromium_args
    You can provide a list of arguments to remove and a list of arguments to add to the final Chromium command. The value of the directive must be a valid JSON. Removal of arguments precedes the addition. For example:

    chromium_args={"remove": ["--kiosk"], "add": ["--my-new-argument", "--another-arg"]}
  • chromium_policies
    You can provide a JSON with Chromium policies with this directive. Available policies are available here and here. For example:

    chromium_policies={"PolicyName": "PolicyValue", "SomethingElse": 0}

    By default on Buster only the default policies used are currently the following:

"PasswordManagerEnabled" : false,
"PluginsAllowedForUrls" : [
"https://", "https://"