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hourly weather widget

Click on the Weather Current option and fill in the widget details as follows:

  1. A name is required for the widget and an optional description for it.
  2. Choose the date and time you want your widget to be displayed.
  3. Choose to use the player's physical location or disable it and choose a location on the map.
  4. Type a location header for your weather widget.
  5. Select the number of days for the forecast (3 or 6).
  6. Select Temperature units (Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin).
  7. Select the Time format (12 or 24).
  8. Choose the language.
  9. Set the Color theme of your Weather Widget by clicking on the icon and choosing a color and shading.
  10. Choose the Font of your choice.
  11. Click "Save," and your widget is ready to use.

Full-Screen Landscape

hourly weather widget sample

Full-Screen Portrait

hourly weather widget sample

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