Comparison Table RPi vs Brightsign player

Brightsign player Limitations

Current limitations:

  • Apps with script code. More details in the app compatibility table.
  • Running custom script code on Web pages
  • For Videos:
    • Video Layering is not supported at all
    • Gapless Video playback
  • Turning On and Off TV screens using the CEC client
  • Custom Boot logo
  • The “Crop” display option is supported only for Full-screen videos.
    • For the videos to be displayed cropped, the Video Playback option on the player’s settings must be set to HTML.

Feature/SpecsRaspberry PiBrightsign
Display Media (Images, Videos, Audio, Documents) ✅ 
Display Apps
Web Apps — More details in the app compatibility table
Screenshot support in portal
Volume Schedules feature
Emergency Alerts
Media Filtering
Live YouTube Video/Audio Stream
USB to HDMI Video Capture 
HDMI-in Support 
Device Management
Remote content change
Network Configurations Wifi, Ethernet, 4G USB Dongle, Firewall)
Security Configurations (Custom certificates, SSH support)
Screen Resolution (Choose resolution/frequency)
Sound output (choose HDMI/Analog/Auto/Muted)
Advanced Customization (Handle on-screen messages, Advanced Player Directives)
Turning On and Off TV screens using the CEC client