Remotely access your Yodeck player by using SSH

Step-by-step procedure

  1. Download and Install Putty or a similar SSH program.
  2. Enable the “Allow SSH on the LAN” option on your player’s Advanced Security settings and click “Save“.
  3. Wait Configuration Wait for the player to finish the Configuration first. An active message “Configuring” will be displayed on the bottom right side of your screen.
  4. When this message disappears, continue with the steps below.
  5. To find the IP of your Yodeck device:
    1. Log in to your Yodeck Account.
    2. Go to the Monitors Section and click on the “edit” button. Go to the “Status” tab and locate the IP of your Yodeck device.

Example Image with dummy settings:

IP addresses

For this example, I am using the Putty program, a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console, and network file transfer application. It supports several network protocols, including SCP, SSH, Telnet.

  1. Type the IP of your Yodeck device, as shown below.
  2. Click Open to gain remote access.
  3. Then in the request, login as type (warning) user (warning) and press the Enter on your keyboard.
    login as user
  4. Your password will be requested.
  5. The password can be found in the Yodeck Portal, under the Monitors Section, by clicking on the “Advanced -> Settings tab” of the Monitor/device you want to access remotely.
  6. Type the password that is prompted as ” Remote Support Password.”
      Hashed password If the password is of this form ” $6$3Q$gCw8FZAyVg….. “, the password is hashed for security reasons. Do not copy-paste this text. You have to type the not hashed password that you have set earlier.
    • If you do not remember the password you have set, re-type a new one and click “Save.” You will notice a Configuring message at your bottom of your screen. After that message disappears, try to SSH the device again with the new password you have set.
  7. Putty password

Upon completing this, you should be able to see the image below.

Type sudo and any command and fill out the same password again.

run command