Web Scripting Engine


Yodeck provides a great feature that’s an absolute necessity for Digital Signage; the ability to modify or navigate a web page. What does that mean?

  • You can fill out forms (username/password) and submit them.
  • After the Web Page loads, you can navigate to a different page.
  • You can run custom JavaScript code, essentially doing anything you want on the web page.
  • You can wait for the web page to load, pausing for a specific time interval.
  • … and much more!

Scripting Engine Use Cases

Use Form-based Authentication

Many websites require you to fill out a username and password on a form, and then you have to click a button to log in. This can be automated via the scripting engine.

Navigate to a Specific Page (after Authentication)

You can first log in and then navigate to specific web pages on the website. You can also add timeouts and have navigation occurring at regular intervals.

Change the Contents of a Web Page

You can change any part of the HTML of a Web Page. This allows you to change stuff easily, like removing pop-ups, removing headers, footers, or other excessive content areas, and keep only what you need to show.

Change the Styling of a Web Page

You can change any part of the HTML of a Web Page and add your own styles. This allows you to change text color, change the page’s background to be transparent (so that you can use it as an overlay in Yodeck), make text larger or smaller, and many more options.

Scroll to the exact area you need

Using JavaScript, you can scroll the web page and focus on the exact content you need to see.