Create a Whitelabel OneDrive playlist

As a Whitelabel, you can create a OneDrive playlist for your customers. The first thing that we need to do is to create a Dropbox App into our Dropbox account.

Please follow the below steps to accomplish that:

  1. Create a Microsoft/Live/Office365/account (or use an existing one).
  2. Visit App Registrations in Azure and click the ‹New registration› button:

    OneDrive App Creation step 0

  3. Fill in the basic facts: ‹ Name › ; ‹ Supported account types › ; ‹ Redirect URI › . ( All points of interest are marked with orange color ). The Name value will be our App name .

    And click ‹Register› .

    Supported account types

    Please ensure you pick the “supported account types” option that includes “Any Azure AD directory” and “personal Microsoft accounts”! The options might be more than three or in a different order .

  4. Write down the Application ( client ) id because it is our App key

    OneDrive App

  5. Enter the Certificates & Secrets section and click New client secret . Enter a Description and select when it Expires ; click Add .

  6. Write down the Value of the client secret because it is our App secret .

    Remember to refresh!

    ‣ Remember to create a new client secret before this one expires and update the relevant ‹yconsole→Partners→Site Connection (3PS)› record with the newly created app secret.
    ‣ This is your only chance to copy the value of the client secret; if you move away from this page and later come back, you won’t ever see the value again.

  7. Go to your Yconsole and create a yconsole→ Partners→ Site Connection (3PS) record for the new app choosing your Site , onedrive as Provider And entering the relevant App key› , ‹App secret› and ‹App name› .  Press Save .

  8. Back to Azure: enter the Branding section and click ‹Configure a domain› :

    Fill in ‹Publisher domain (in our example with “ ”) and click ‹Verify and save Domain› . If there was no mistake in creating the Site Connection (3PS) record and the server is internet-accessible, this step will work automagically.

  9. You should be done.