9.2.1 Wireless

Enable WiFi: Toggle to Enable or Disable the WiFi service

WiFi Network Name: Type your router’s/access point’s WiFi name.


Keep in mind that WiFi network names are case-sensitive, and they must be typed in exactly as they are configured on your router/access point.

WiFi Key: Type your router’s/access point’s security code

WiFi Mode: Choose the security mode that your router/access point is using

WiFi Network is hidden: Toggle to enable the hidden network service that isn’t broadcasting its network ( SSID )

configure WiFi

Connecting to an Open Network

Leaving the WiFi key field blank and specifying a WiFi name in the “WiFi Network Name” field should connect the device to an open network.

Enterprise WiFi

Yodeck finally supports Enterprise networks with 2 simple clicks. No extra configuration is required to be done on your end to connect your Yodeck player to your Enterprise WiFi network.

The only thing you have to do is to choose the EAP mode from the WiFi Mode list and then type the Username and the Password of your Enterprise WiFi network and click the Save button.

enterprise WiFi