Web Player Chrome Extension and PWA

Why do I need to install the Web Player’s Chrome extension?

For many reasons:

  1. This allows you to have screenshots in your Yodeck account. To take a screenshot of the web player, the tab displaying the content must be visible in the current window.
  2. Volume schedule in web pages.
  3. Access to all web pages. All playback is accessible even for web pages that have an x-frame-options or content-security-policy HTTP header.
  4. The extension works for all chromium-based browsers since they can all host chrome extensions (Edge, Chrome. Brave, Opera, etc.).
  5. When the extension is installed for the first time or updated, it will reload all web player’s pages that are open. 

How to install the Web Player Chrome extension

The first thing you have to do is follow the below link and install the extension to your browser.

After installing the extension, you will see this small icon in your browser. 

Yodeck Web Player Chrome extension

By clicking it, the extension will expand and reveal the below actions. 

Yodeck Web Player Chrome extension

Click the “Launch Web Player“. The Yodeck Web player will start displaying the assigned content to a new tab.

Why do I need to install the PWA?

  • Autoplay with sound is not allowed without the PWA. So every video (stock, YouTube, Vimeo, or stream) will be played muted.
  • By installing the PWA it will enable autoplay with sound for every media.
  • This allows the user to have a desktop shortcut for our web player.

How to install the PWA

Yodeck PWA installation

When you open the below link, in the address bar you will also see this little icon. Click this one to install the PWA to your PC.