Android Limitations

Yodeck for Android comes with some limitations compared to the Yodeck Player. Particularly the following features won’t work:

    • Turning TV On and Off remotely using CEC. For Android devices, the screen will turn black instead of actually turning on or off.
    • Running custom script code on Web pages.
    • Widgets with login forms and script codes such as:
      • Calendars
        • Google Calendar
      • General
        • Google Traffic
        • Google Slides
        • PosterMyWall
      • Social
        • Twitter
      • Business
        • ALL “Business” widgets, except Power Bi, are not be supported
    • YouTube Live Streams
    • Google Chromecast
    • Google Chromecast with Google TV IS supported

    Temporary Limitations

    Set Custom Boot logo

    Amazon Firestick support