Get your Google Sheets on a wall-mounted screen

How it works with Yodeck on Raspberry Pi

The easy way to display Google Sheets on Yodeck with Raspberry Pi is to make it available as public.

Below you can find a few steps about how to make your Google Sheets available as public.

Step 1: Go to your Google account settings and choose Sheets.

Step 2: From various default templates you can choose one or create a new one.

Step 3: After you created your template, Click File→”Publish to the web”(a new window will pop up) →Publish.
When you click Publish a new link will be generated. Copy that link.

Step 4: The final step is within your Yodeck Account. Go to the “Web Pages” section and create a new Web Page with the following details:

  • As the URL address, use the link address you copied previously.
  • As the Zoom Factor, this is up to you. You need to test 2-3 values to make it as readable as possible and still look good. Start with the default 100% and, if the text looks small, go for 150% or even 300%.

To remove the “Google” logo in the header and footer and refresh your Google Docs page, set the “Run Custom Script” toggle to “ON” and in the “Script Code”, type the following:

Code snippet:
repeat(0){runScript(“””jQuery(“#header”).remove();”””) runScript(“””jQuery(“#footer”).remove();”””)



Refresh Rate

Keep in mind that the default refresh rate of Google’s docs is 5 minutes. Any changes that you make to the Docs will be published after 5 minutes (300 seconds) on your TV screen.

Another option to refresh your Google Docs is to set up a playlist with the same web-page (Google docs) playing back -to- back (300s at least). By using this method you will not have any pre-loading interruptions and the changes will be much smoother.