Notes for the RPi 4

The new Raspberry Pi 4 is amazing! You can read our Raspberry Pi 4 review and how the Raspberry Pi 4 is amazing for digital signage. We started supporting the Raspberry Pi 4 within a week after it was announced with our Beta SD card software image. On this page, you will find the status of this ongoing support effort.

Some existing features of Yodeck are not yet supported on the Raspberry Pi 4. Here is what does not yet work:

  • Video Subtitles
    • Not supported.
  • 4K Video playback
    • Available for use only for players with 2GB RAM and more.
  • Dual Screen
    • More details regarding the Dual HDMI ports can be found here.
    • Cannot duplicate or extend output using the 2 HDMI ports.
    • Only the HDMI port 0 (left one) can be used right now, so make sure you connect the micro-HDMI cable to the left port as shown in the following photo (green circled micro-HDMI port).
yodeck player left mini hdmi port