7. Staff Permission Roles

Roles & Permissions define the user’s access rights in specific parts of your Yodeck Partner Console. You can contact our support team and request to set a permission role for one or all staff member(s).

1. BillingAdd permission to view Billing (see invoices, pay them, and change the card details).
If you don’t enable this option, the Change Your Card Info and Invoices will not display in their Portal Console Account.
2. Audit LogsAdd permission to view Audit Logs from all staff members.
If you enable this option, the user will have permission to see all the staff actions in the Admin Site Console (Audit log entries).
If you don’t enable this option, the staff member will only see their audit log (My audit log entries).
3. Add AccountsThe staff user can create new accounts.
4. Delete AccountsThe staff user can delete accounts.
5. Update AccountsThe staff user can modify any field from User or Account or Device information, except billing-related details (Card Info, Invoices).
6. Update Billing-relatedThe staff user can modify billing-related fields (quota and plan) and activate inactive devices through Device Actions.
7. Support LoginThe staff user can log in as another user for supporting purposes.
8. DocumentationGive permission to the Yodeck Documentation & Contact Form section. Support Links and Contact Us will display in their Portal Console Account if you enable this option.

From the aforementioned permissions, the ones enabled by default are numbers 5-8. This means that when a user is promoted to staff user, they are automatically allowed to update accounts (5) and billing-related fields (6), log in as other users (7), and also have access to documentation (8).

Contact support and request to further customize the staff user’s permissions by either adding extra permissions or removing the default ones.