Partner Administrative Console

This page is for Yodeck Partners only!

This page is part of the Yodeck Partner Manual, created for Resellers and Whitelabel Partners reselling Yodeck. If you are a user looking for information on how to use and configure Yodeck, check out the Yodeck User Manual .

Yodeck Partners use the Administrative Console for managing their customers through their Partner Account.

The Console is available through the Yodeck application. As soon as you log into Yodeck, if your account is authorized for accessing the Console, it will be redirected to that instead of logging into your Account.

Accessing the Partner Console

When we create your Partner Account, you get access to the Partner Console with your Partner Account. You use the standard login screen to connect to your Partner Account and, as soon as you get authenticated, you are redirected to the Partner Console. After you connect to the Partner Console, if you want to access your Partner Account as a standard Yodeck Account, you can click a link within the Partner Console.

Since you use your Partner Account authentication, you can set up all the security features provided by our Enterprise plan. So, you can set up 2-factor Authentication or use SAML to authenticate you and your Staff.

Partner’s Console Dashboard

After login into your Partner site, you will see the Dashboard (click to view).

  1. Quick Links
  2. Applications
  3. Invoices
  4. Recent Actions
  5. Support Links
  6. Contact us

Partner's Dashboard