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In the videos section, you can upload and manage a wide variety of video formats. Videos that you upload on Yodeck are automatically converted to industry-standard formats (H.264 with AAC audio). 

Supported Formats

  1. YouTube videos are supported out-of-the-box, so they just get downloaded in the best possible quality (up to 1080p right now).
  2. Live Streaming Videos (YouTube, UStream, or custom HLS or RTMP/RTSP streams). These will have to be delivered by the stream in H.264 format to make sure they will be played back on Yodeck Players.
  3. PowerPoint files are converted to videos on our servers, retaining all transitions and animations.

Managing Videos

In the "Videos" section, you can see a list of the videos currently uploaded into your Yodeck account. Video information is organized in the following columns:

  • the Name of the video
  • the Timestamp (date and time) that shows when the video was uploaded
  • Preview (thumbnail) of the actual video
  • an Actions column, with 3 buttons for making changes

In this list, you can:


PreviewPreview the Video by clicking on the thumbnail in the "Preview" column.



Change the details of a video by clicking the "Edit" button.
Here, you can also substitute the actual video, and it will be changed wherever used.
Check out the "Adding a Video" section below for details on the fields.


DuplicateCreate a copy of the Video.



Delete a video. The video will be removed from any Playlists or Layouts where it was previously used, and it will not be available in the portal for future use. 

Delete multiple videos. Select the videos you want to delete and press the Bulk Delete button at the bottom of the listing.


Move to another Workspace

You can move videos to different Workspaces. Choose the Workspace of your choice and click Move.
*This feature is only available in the Enterprise plan.


SearchSearch for a specific video using the search tool.

Adding a Video

add video

To add a single video file, you click on the "+ Add Video/YouTube/PowerPoint" button found at the bottom of the Videos list. You then need to select the type of Video source. You can choose from:

video sources

  • Video File - upload one or more video files from your computer to Yodeck or use the Import from URL option to import any Video file hosted in the cloud
    video fileimport video from URL
  • YouTube Video - use a link to a YouTube video which the Player will then download directly from YouTube and playback locally
  • PPT File - upload one or more PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) files from your computer - they get converted to a video on Yodeck, retaining all animations and transitions
  • Video Stream - use a Live Video Stream from the Internet or a local source, including YouTube Live, UStream, and UDP/RTP/HLS streams
  • Video Wall - read our detailed instructions on how to set up a Video Wall with Yodeck
  • Stock Videos - search videos from our online Video gallery and import them with a few clicks

After you provide the Video source, you also need to provide:

  • the name of the video
  • an optional description for it

Clicking "Save" will upload (or save) the video.

Quick Info

Regarding the "Video Upload" source type, there is an option to upload the exact file for playback and not the normalized version.
As-Is upload
This option is generally recommended for advanced users only since the original video file's playback might fail. Enabling this option while uploading will inhibit encoding, decreasing the time required for the video to be available and preventing a thumbnail for the video from being created.

Adding a Video with the Drag and Drop option

You have the option to add a Media by dragging the specific file or files from your PC directly to your Video Library, therefore skipping a few steps and saving you some extra time.

The Drag and Drop option is also available in the Folder View.

adding an video

Advanced Options for Videos (all types)

For all Video source types (uploads, YouTube videos, live streams, etc.), you have the following advanced options:

Play From/Play Until

In the advanced features, you can set the Play From/Play Until parameters. In other words, you can set the expiration date, which means that you can choose the exact date and time that Video will display in your playlist/layout, or you can set it to "Always" and "Forever," and the Video will never expire.

Play From Play Until

Fix Video Orientation

This option allows you to set the correct orientation for a Video. This is for the specific Video alone. This way, you can use Videos that were originally saved with the wrong orientation. 

So, if you have a video that is not displayed properly, you can use this setting to show it correctly.

Keep in mind that this setting only affects playback and does not rotate the video file itself.

video orientation

Crop Video

This option allows you to set crop margins for a Video. This is for the specific Video alone. You can crop out by percentage for any side of the video.

For example, if you set the "Right" cropping to 10%, 10% of the video's width will be cropped out during playback. The same goes for all edges.

Keep in mind that this setting only affects playback and does not crop the video file itself.

crop video

Enable Subtitles

First of all, you have to upload the video to your account, and also, the video must have embedded* subtitles.

Embedded subtitles

Embedded subtitles are stored inside the video file (or video container) as a stream - in the same way that video and audio streams are stored inside the video file. Not all video container formats can have embedded subtitles, and there are limitations to what subtitle formats are supported for each video container format.

After, that you can toggle the "Enable Subtitles" button to ON to display subtitles on your screen.

enable subtitles

Right now, subtitle tracks are not supported by Yodeck out of the box. But there is a workaround you can use to display subtitles for uploaded videos.

YouTube Videos

Note that YouTube videos with subtitles cannot be used this way. You will need to download the Youtube video and subtitles on your computer, burn the subtitles with a relative program and upload them as Video files on your Yodeck account.

Preparing Videos

Subtitles are supported only for videos that you upload. For this workaround to work, you will need to make sure that the video files are compatible.

  • You will need to repackage the video file and subtitle track as a single MKV file. Ensure that the subtitle track is the first track since the video above will play only the 1st subtitle track of the MKV file. You have two options for preparing the MKV file:
    • Easy but slow way: Use Handbreak, adding the video source file, and adding the subtitle track.
    • Hard but fast way: If your video is already in H.264 format, then you need to repackage it (not re-encode it). Use FFmpeg like this:
      ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -i -c copy output.mkv

After you prepare the video file, you will have a single MKV file, with a video track encoded in H.264 and a subtitle track.

Uploading Videos With Subtitles

To upload the videos:

  1. Go to the "Videos" section and click the button to add a new Video.
  2. Select the video file.
  3. Toggle to Enable Subtitles and click Save.
  4. Assign the Video to your player and click "Push to players."

You should now be able to see subtitles for this video.

Disabling Subtitles

To disable the subtitles, toggle the "Enable Subtitles" to OFF.

enable subtitles

Video Tutorial

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