Digital signage video wall

Stand out from the crowd with a stunning digital signage video wall for your shop, restaurant, hotel, office or venue. Get that high-tech effect at a budget-friendly price with guaranteed reliability.

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digital signage video wall

Why set up a digital signage video wall?

  • Elevate the high-tech aesthetic of your interior design. A video wall consists of setting up multiple TV screens in a symmetrical or asymmetrical layout, with each screen displaying one part of the content you want to show. Thus, together they form one large screen. Therefore, a digital screen wall combines digital technology with artistic vision, so as to make your interior design unique.
  • Showcase your business using videos and images that capture signature moments, such as events, fashion shows and corporate functions. Also, use your video digital display wall to highlight what makes your shop, restaurant or organization unique. Use the power of visual communication to make an immediate impact and capture the imagination of visitors and customers.
  • Tailor your video wall signage based on the message you want to communicate to customers or visitors. Specifically select the video or playlist that supports the goal of each event or conference. Then, display it on your video wall. Simply change the content, not the configuration, of your screens.

Ways you can use
a video wall for digital signage

Upgrade your interior design

Give your shop, restaurant or reception area a sleek, modern look, at an extremely affordable price. Set up your TVs and you’re good to go.

Promote your brand

Use playlists that highlight the unique experience only you can offer your clients. Simply display media, such as corporate videos, on a video wall digital signage.

Showcase business milestones

Set up a video wall display to promote key business milestones. For example, show playlists of successful corporate events or fashion shows.

Display digital art

Revolutionize the aesthetic of your space by using a video wall for NFT art. Also, showcase local artists or charity auctions to support your community.

Deliver your message effectively

Using a video wall system ensures viewer engagement. What’s more, you can deploy touch screens and incorporate new interactivity features to create unforgettable experiences.

In-transit communication

Impress customers and visitors

Integrating video wall signage in your marketing strategy wows viewers as soon as they enter your business. Make them remember you!

Benefits of using video walls

  • It’s extremely affordable.
    Set up video wall signage using standard LED TVs and budget-friendly all-in-one digital signage video wall software.
  • Upgrade your in-store aesthetic.
    Revamp your shop, restaurant or office with a simple video wall using only a few screens. It instantly breathes new life into your space.
  • Maximize customer loyalty.
    A video wall makes an impact on customers, no matter what business you run. If they remember that “something extra” you offer, they will return.
  • Update media content remotely.
    Once you set up your video wall screens, you can change media you display, such as videos or playlists, remotely through the signage CMS.
  • Generate more sales.
    If your message makes an impact, it helps boost your sales. Similarly, promote your new product line or upcoming event in high-tech style.
  • Supplement your media with stock content.
    Use your own photos and videos as content, and additionally enrich your playlists with free stock media available through your signage software.

How do you set up
a digital signage video wall?

If you want to experience the benefits of an impressive video wall that wows
your customers and visitors, just follow the guides below!

Simple setups

Just starting out? For simple video wall installations,
with a matrix of 1×3, 3×1, 2×2 screens, etc.,
and up to 4 screens, follow these easy steps!

Pro setups

Feel like an expert? Then go ahead and get creative!
Set up an advanced multi screen video wall by following these steps,
with all the nitty-gritty details for tech-savvy pros!

digital signage video wall

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