Video walls that capture attention

Achieve maximum audience impact with video wall systems. A dynamic platform for effective communication for your shop, restaurant, hotel, office or any other venue.

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Benefits of digital signage video wall

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Elevate your image

A digital screen wall consists of multiple screens put together. Video walls make storefronts or interior spaces seem sleek, providing a modern look and powerful messaging.

Powerful visual communication

Enhance communication with striking video walls, offering larger-than-life visuals and compelling content that effortlessly grabs and holds audience attention.

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Improved message delivery

High-definition displays and dynamic content options improve message delivery precision. Positively influence your audience with multi-screen display walls.

Promote your brand or organization

Enhance visibility and create a lasting impression for your brand with a digital signage wall. Highlight your unique experience and elevate brand recognition.


Free apps that ignite attention

Our free apps will liven up your display wall. Adding popular services to your video wall only takes a few clicks and is guaranteed to make your signage a vibrant communication tool.

How do you set up
a digital signage video wall?

Follow the guides below to experience the benefits of an impressive video wall.
Whether it is for simple matrix setups or pro setups, with Yodeck it is easier than you might think!

Simple setups

Just starting out? For simple video wall installations,
with a matrix of 1×3, 3×1, 2×2 screens, etc.,
and up to 4 screens, follow these easy steps!

Pro setups

Feel like an expert? Then go ahead and get creative!
Set up an advanced multi screen video wall by following these steps,
with all the nitty-gritty details for tech-savvy pros!

A video wall promoting a jewelries collection

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