Troubleshooting Google and Microsoft Sign-In Issues

Intro Experiencing issues when logging into services with your Google or Microsoft account can be frustrating. Getting locked out for email, documents, or any other service can halt your productivity. Here’s a quick guide to understanding why this might happen and what steps you can take to resolve it. Why Can’t I Log In? Common […]

Media Availability

What is the Media Availability option? By enabling this option, you can set media Availability. In other words, you can select a future and an expiration date, which means you can pick the exact date and time this media will be available to play on your screens. Advanced Media Scheduling Find more details for the Advanced […]

How to flash an SD card using Pi Imager

What is Pi Imager, and what does it do? The Pi imager is a tool that helps you write an OS (Operating System) to an SD card. This tool has been developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to make your life easier when you want to flash a microSD card. There are many SD card […]

How to create a simple Video-wall with Yodeck

Introduction You can build an affordable and impressive digital signage video wall setup using Yodeck Players. You need to configure each of your screens manually. To do that for simple matrix-like video walls, like 1×3, 2×2, or 3×3, is easy. Steps in Yodeck Here are the steps you need to follow to configure a video […]

How to reflash your Yodeck player

Ways to reflash a Yodeck Player Reflashing the SD card using the Etcher program Step-by-step procedure: After completing the above procedure, your player should recover, connect to the Internet, and download content. Eventually, it will begin to play back! Reflashing the SD card using the USB method (Recommended) The player is resilient to hardware and […]

Get your Google Calendar on a wall-mounted TV screen

Introduction Users often ask us about new ways they can use Yodeck. And we love helping you use your digital signage solution best. Displaying a Google calendar on a wall-mounted TV screen is one such frequent request. Showing a calendar on display can be very useful for various reasons. The most common scenario is mounting […]

Install Yodeck on NEC Compute Module by using Yodeck bootloader

NEC with Yodeck’s Bootloader This procedure will only work if your NEC Raspberry Pi Compute Module uses the Yodeck-powered bootloader. In other words, this process will only work if you see this logo when your NEC powers On: If you do not see the above boot Logo on your NEC screen, you should contact our […]