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You can create and manage playlists by combining media files and widgets already available in your Yodeck account.

Managing Playlists

In this section, you can see a list of the playlists currently uploaded into your Yodeck account. Information about your playlists is organized in the following columns:

  • the Name of the playlist
  • the Description of the playlist
  • the Timestamp (date and time) that the playlist was either created or last modified
  • Media Types column showing what kind of media files are used in the playlist
  • an Actions column, with 4 buttons for making changes

In this list, you can:

EditChange the details of a playlist by clicking the blue "edit" button. 
Here, you can also substitute the actual playlist, and it will be changed wherever it is used. 
Check out the "Adding a playlist" section below for details on the fields.

DuplicateCreate a copy of the playlist.

DeleteDelete a single playlist. The playlist will be removed from any Shows where it was previously used, and it will not be available in the portal for future use. 
Delete multiple playlists. Click on the playlists you want to delete and press on the delete button of just one. 

Move to another WorkspaceYou can move playlists to different Workspaces. Choose the Workspace of your choice and click Move. This feature is only available in the Enterprise plan.

SearchSearch for a specific playlist using the search tool.

Adding a Playlist

To add a playlist, you click on the green "+ Add Playlist" button found at the bottom of the Playlist list. As a next step you are requested to provide:

  • the Name of the Playlist and
  • an optional Description for it

Playlist-drag from the library to fill

- You can see an empty filmstrip where you will add your media files.

Below the filmstrip, you'll find your account library with all the media files available to you. You can see them ALL or you can locate them under their respective category (Images, Videos, Web Pages, Widgets, Audio Assets, Documents, Playlists). Also, you can use the search button to find your media file.

- By pointing to any media file in the library you can click on the preview (zoom icon), or the arrow() to place it to the playlist. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the item to the filmstrip to upload it.

- You can change the position of the media files by 'dragging-and-dropping' so that they are in the order you want.

  • By default, Widgets and Web Pages have a duration in the playlist of 20 seconds. You can change this on the filmstrip under the preview of the media file, either by typing the duration yourself or using the "+" /"-" button respectively.
  • By default, Images also have a duration in the playlist of 5 seconds. You can change this on the filmstrip under the preview of the media file, either by typing the duration yourself or using the "+" /"-" button respectively.
  • By default, Videos have a fixed display time (the duration of the video itself) and this cannot be changed.

Clicking "Save" will create the Playlist.

Also, you can check the total duration of your playlist. This info is located on the right side of the filmstrip.

Which Media are calculated?

The media that the help tool can calculate are :

  • Images
  • Web-pages
  • Widgets
  • Videos (Not YouTube videos)
  • Documents

Creating/Editing Playlists with a large number of media files

In case your playlists contain numerous media files, you have the option to activate the Folder View for your convenience.

To see in detail how you manage playlists with the Folder View on, check section 6.1 Managing Playlists with Folder View ON

REMEMBER: After making changes in your Account, you need to Push Changes to your Monitors

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