Update the firmware version on your Samsung Tizen TV

Info You must ensure that the latest forward version is installed on your Samsung Tizen TV for the Yodeck software to run seamlessly. To do that, we recommend the USB procedure below. Update using USB To download the latest software updates, visit the Samsung Download Center. You can either select your Product type and then search for your Smart TV […]

Supported Brightsign Players

Platform Model Recommended Firmware BrightSign OS 8 LS4 8.5.x BrightSign OS LS5 9.0.120 or 9.0.136 BrightSign OS 8 HD3 8.5.x BrightSign OS 8 HD4 8.5.x BrightSign OS HD5 9.0.120 or 9.0.136 BrightSign OS 8 XT3 8.5.x BrightSign OS 8 XT4 8.5.x BrightSign OS XT5 9.0.120 or 9.0.136 BrightSign OS 8 XD3 8.5.x BrightSign OS 8 […]

Software support for Raspberry Pi 5

Our team is happy to announce that we will support the new Raspberry Pi 5 model! We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technology and want to ensure our users can access the newest hardware.  We are currently developing a Beta software image compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5. We aim to release this image by […]

Setting up an Android player with the Yodeck Software via APK

Prerequisites Before Starting Below, you can find 2 setup guides. Follow the Advanced Setup if you want to: Registering a Yodeck Android APK Player on your Account After seeing the registration code on your Android TV screen, you must register the player to your Yodeck Account. Kiosk Mode Kiosk Mode locks down a device to […]

How to uninstall the Windows application

Step-by-step procedure 1.Extract the installer executable using 7-Zip. 2. Navigate to the Content folder after extracting the executable file. 3. Run Uninstall-SignageOS.ps1 as Administrator.

Windows Supported Devices

Quick Intro The list of supported Windows versions below includes information about the status/compatibility of the Yodeck App and the specific releases. Do not proceed with the installation if your PC/Laptop doesn’t meet all the requirements. Also, ensure that you are the Windows administrator otherwise the installation will fail. Supported Windows versions Windows release Version Windows 10 […]

Setting up a Windows player with the Yodeck Software

Introduction You are in the right spot if you need to create your player based on Windows using the Yodeck software. Remember, though, that this process requires some basic IT skills. Setup Step 1 – Get the registration code 1) Download the .exe file 2) When you download the exe, make sure you press to […]

Setting up an LG webOS player with the Yodeck Software

Introduction You are in the right spot if you want to create your Digital Signage player based on webOS using the Yodeck software. Keep in mind, though, that this process requires some basic IT skills. Prerequisites & Compatibility The Compatibility list for webOS devices is based on the firmware version. Here’s a full list of […]

LG webOS Limitations

Intro Yodeck for LG webOS comes with some limitations compared to the Yodeck Player. Particularly, the following features won’t work. Resolution Apps Gapless Video Screen Orientation Resolution