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Yodeck works on all versions of the Raspberry Pi, from the very first release back in 2012, until the very latest. Each hardware version has its own restrictions. Here, we provide a detailed matrix to show features and compatibility.


For new deployments, we recommend using the latest version (currently, the Raspberry Pi 4). This will ensure that you have all features supported by your hardware, even if you currently do not use any.

ModelMemoryCPU coresMax ResolutionEthernetWiFiRecommendation*
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4GB)4GB42160p (4K)(tick)(tick)Recommended
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2GB)2GB42160p (4K)(tick)(tick)Recommended(1)
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (1GB)1GB42160p (4K)(tick)(tick)Recommended
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+1GB41080p(tick)(tick)Fully Supported
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B1GB41080p(tick)(tick)Fully Supported
Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module1GB41080p(tick) (I/O pins)-Fully Supported
Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module Lite1GB41080p(tick) (I/O pins)-Fully Supported
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B1GB41080p(tick)-Fully Supported
Raspberry Pi Zero W512MB11080p-(tick)Single Playlist only
Raspberry Pi Zero512MB11080p--Single Playlist only
Raspberry Pi Compute Module512MB11080p(tick) (I/O pins)-Single Playlist only
Raspberry Pi Model B+512MB11080p(tick)-Single Playlist only
Raspberry Pi Model A+512MB11080p--Single Playlist only
Raspberry Pi Model B, Rev 2512MB11080p(tick)-Single Playlist only
Raspberry Pi Model B256MB11080p(tick)-Not recommended
Raspberry Pi Model A256MB11080p--Not recommended

* Yodeck Recommendations:

  • Recommended: These are the models we recommend for all new deployments. They support 4K and are the most future-proof option.
  • Recommended(1): This model is recommended for all new deployments for full-screen content only. They support 4K and are future-proof. In special cases, where complex Layouts are required (multiple Widgets and Playlists on screen), or heavy Web Pages with data dashboards are displayed, we recommend using the 4GB version.
  • Fully Supported: These models are fully supported and we will continue to provide support for them in the future. Keep in mind that these units cannot playback 4K content.
  • Single Playlist only: These models are slow but work fine. You should only use them for a single full-screen Playlist, perhaps safely adding a single ticker. We recommend against these for new installations.
  • Not recommended: These 256MB units will work but will be sluggish and will fail at some point. Use these only for testing and not for production deployments.

Raspberry Pi 4 -2GB

All 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 units come for free with our Annual Plans.