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Account Ownership

Only the Account Owner can change the account ownership to another user.  The below procedure cannot be accomplished by an Admin or any other user role.

If you want to change/transfer the account ownership to another user, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in as the Account Owner, e.g., ""
  2. Click at the top right of your screen and select the "My User Profile" option.
  3. Change the email from "" to "" ("owner1" is the user that will be the new Account Owner) and click "Save."

    change account ownershipchange account ownership

  4. If the user "" already exists as a user on your account, please follow the below steps then:
    1. Click at the top right of your screen and select the "Users" option.
    2. Click the blue edit button and rename him to "" and click the "Save."
    3. Try to follow the 3 aforementioned steps again to change the account owner.

The new Account Owner would then have to reset his password when he tries to log in again.

Identical Emails

When creating a new account, if you get the error "An account already exists with that login email," it means that this same account/email already exists in our database.
Identical emails cannot reside in our database.