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In this section, you can manage the monitors you created. Note that you can create as many monitors in the Yodeck Portal as your subscription allows you to. You can even manage unregistered monitors (i.e. not paired with an actual player) but the content cannot be pushed to an actual screen and be displayed.

In the initial screen, you can see a list of the monitors currently created in your Yodeck account. Monitor information is organized in the following columns:

  • the Name of the Monitor
  • the ID of the monitor
  • the Assigned scheduled pushed to the monitor
  • the Default Content that will be displayed when there is no active schedule
  • the Status of the Monitor (Online, Offline, Initialized, Waiting)
  • an Actions column, with 4 buttons for making changes

In this list, you can:

Change the details
 of a Monitor by clicking the blue “Edit” button. Check out the “Adding a Monitor” section below for details on the fields.

Duplicate the Monitor, by creating a copy with all the configuration settings.

Move to another Workspace
. You can move Monitors to different Workspaces. Choose the Workspace of your choice and click Move. This feature is only available in the Enterprise plan.

 a single Monitor.
Delete multiple monitors. Click on the monitors you want and press on the delete button of any one of them.

 for a specific monitor using the search tool.

Adding a Monitor

When you click "Add Monitor" you will be prompted to a new page. The new page contains all the required information for your monitor.

  • A Screenshot of what the player is displaying. The Screenshots get refreshed every 30 seconds when you are in the Monitor Details page. If you log out from your Yodeck account, the screenshots are refreshed every one hour.
  • Last screenshot: Indicates the last screenshot that the player has reported back to your account.
  • Last seen online: Indicates the last time that the player was online in your Yodeck account.
  • Player State: indicates the state of the content that the player is displaying on your screens right now.
  • Push again to this Monitor: Push changes to this monitor only.
  • Actions:
    • Turn monitor On: Turn On your TV screen via a CEC command
    • Turn monitor Off: Turn Off your TV screen via a CEC command
    • Reboot Player: Reboots the player
    • Shutdown: Shuts down the player. Bear in mind that if you perform that action, in order to bring the player online again, you have to physically power on the player by unplugging and plugging in the power cord. 

The extra Tabs that you will see on your right are 6:

Basic, Network, Audio/Video, Location, Status, and Advanced

Check the nested pages in this section for further information regarding the above Tabs.

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