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On the top left side of your Yodeck Portal Main Menu, you will find a button that will be either:

  • grey colored, saying "Changes pushed!"

  • red-colored and flashing, saying "Push to Players?"

Whenever you make any changes within your Yodeck account, this button will turn red and flashing, saying "Push to Players?". After you finish making all changes in your account, you need to push the button to deliver the changes to the affected players.  All Players affected by your changes will download the required content and restart playback. Players not affected by your changes will not be notified of the update.

Force Pushing

Even if the button is grey and has a "Changes pushed!" message displayed, you might need to force a "push" to all Players in your account. This might be needed as a troubleshooting tool, to make sure everything works as expected.

By clicking the button when grey, you will notify all Players that they need to update content, and all Players will re-check and restart Playback.

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