Transforming digital signage displays

Step into simplicity and interactivity like never before with the Interactive Kiosk app. Convert digital signage into engaging audience experiences effortlessly!

Retail touch screen kiosk


Enhance visitor’s experience

  • Fill in the “Name” of the Interactive Kiosk.
  • Choose the Playback & Interaction Content
  • For playback content, choose any media that fit you prefer as a Screen Saver. We highly recommend using a playlist as your Playback content.
  • For Interactive media, choose any Webpage, media or content that you want the audience to see upon interacting with the Kiosk.
  • Choose the duration of inactivity, after which the kiosk will switch back to display the screensaver content.
  • Enable the Interactive Indicator and customize its size, location, color, to encourage the users to interact with the Kiosk.


How can using the Interactive Kiosk help you?

Capture attention

Captivate customer interest and reinforce brand identity through content for touchscreens, enhancing brand engagement and loyalty. Provide visitors with interactive exhibits, and other entertainment options.

Share information

Use kiosks to provide product recommendations and essential information, effortlessly sharing promotions or exclusive offers to ensure customers stay well-informed and engaged with your offerings.

Gather valuable data

Gather valuable data on customer interactions, behaviors and preferences. This data-driven approach leads to more informed decisions, creating a more responsive and customer-centric way of thinking.

Customizable content

Customize kiosk content for various purposes, from retail digital signage to self-service options, loyalty program sign-ups, and product information, to meet unique and evolving customer and operational requirements.

Yodeck badges and awards

Yodeck awards for spring 2024 voted as the best digital signage software


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