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Here you can find all the details on how to build and deploy your own Widget to your Yodeck Account.

Custom Widgets are the easiest way to customize your Yodeck Player. You can code your own Widget using HTML5 and Javascript and provide completely custom behavior for your screens.

Why developing a Custom Widget?

Widgets get downloaded to each Player, so they have several benefits over providing the same experience over an online HTML web page.

Widgets are great because they:

  • are local, so they load even without a working Internet connection.
  • have no CORS restrictions. You can create Widgets that pull in data from any online web site. E.g. retrieve stock market prices from an online web page without any prior arrangement and show them as you wish.
  • are playback-aware, so they are notified when they are "loaded", "shown", and "hidden". This make better use of bandwidth.
  • can store/cache contents locally across reboots. Web Pages cannot store data that survive a reboot.
  • will soon (2017) have access to an API that will enable you to directly interact with the playback engine.

What are the requirements?

Required skills

Any one who can develop an HTML5/Javascript web page can develop a Widget. No special skills are required.

We also provide you with some required tools:

  • full documentation on how Widgets work
  • complete examples you can download and test

Yodeck Account and Yodeck Player

To fully test a Widget, you will need a standard Yodeck Account and a fully-working Yodeck Player (based on Raspberry Pi 2 or 3).

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