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Remote Support Password

Type the desired password for remote access like SSH. By default, it is an 8 alphanumeric password. The private password that you will type will be hashed. Click here to learn how to SSH your player.

Disable Firewall Reconfiguration

Toggle to disable reapplying firewall rules during configuration. By default only port 22/TCP is open.

Disable remote support (VPN)

Players are connected 24/7 to our remote access service (VPN). Toggle to disable this service.

Lock-Down Player [Enterprise Plan only]


Before locking down your player, make sure that you have read the below information. Many configuration options will be disabled and you will need to have physical access to the player in order to unlock it.

By locking down the player, the below options will be disabled on your player's settings:

  • Disabling SSH and firewall TCP Port 22

  • Disabling VPN support connection option

  • Disabling firewall reconfiguration option
  • Disabling CHANGING the Customization Script

  • Disabling CHANGING the Custom Power Script

  • Disabling remotely CHANGING all player's SSH support passwords 

How to unlock the Player

When deactivating this feature, a deactivation file is produced for each device affected by this feature and emailed to the Account Admins only. The deactivation file must be written on a USB flash drive. While the player is off, you need to plug in the USB flash drive with the deactivation file on the player's USB ports, then start the boot-up sequence in order for the lockdown setting to be de-activated. Reflashing the device will not do anything.

The deactivation file will be in this format (unlock_Player's-ID_Screen-ID) in order to know which file to use on which player.

  • Example:

The unlock file that will be produced upon disabling the Lock-Down feature on that player will be named as:

  • unlock_12345_abc1234

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